Question: How to post the Tip?
Answer: First at all you have to create Event (Add Event), after you did it,  you can find your match under "Add Tip", choose it and fill the forms.

How many Units is max. to Bet?
Answer: 10 Units is the max. bet!

Question: How long will be the trial period?

Answer: Around 3 months, depend on your results i can make exception if they would be superbly.

Question: What is the maximum number of tips that I should have per month?
Answer: There is no maximum number of tips per month, but the minimum is 10.

Question: Is there a minimum number of tips that I should have during the trial period?
Answer: Yes, the minimum number is 100 tips.

Question: If I passed successfully in trial results that I achieved will be it transferred to the main site?
Answer: Yes, all your tips will be transferred to the main site.

Question: Mine tip is over, but the result is not yet reflected in my statistics?
Answer: The results you have to confirm and put by yourself , we only checked them if they are correct. Every Tipster who will try cheating, his way to become a professional Tipster finishing at that momment.